We would like to introduce to you PURPLE WAVE STUDIOS.
Created by a team that managed to de-rug an OG Polygon NFT project and with the support of the OFFICIAL Polygon NFT team we aim to provide a safe and happy place for NFT lovers to gather and enjoy the fruits that Web 3.0 has to offer.Riding the PURPLE WAVE has become a common term amongst Polygon Web 3.0 enthusiasts. Our combined love for NFT’s and communities has inspired us to work tirelessly to bring the entire Polygon NFT ecosystem together. We don’t aim to be the biggest NFT project on Polygon, we aim for Polygon to be the biggest NFT ecosystem there is! We’re riding the PURPLE WAVE alongside all the great projects on chain and all future projects to join. Come and enjoy the ride. Bring your surfboard, bodyboard, paddleboard or even your bike and jump on the PURPLE WAVE with us!te your text here...

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